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Man Leaves Village Speechless by Speaking After 19 Years of Silence

A man has shocked his entire village as well as his parents after having been mum for the last nineteen years of his life. The bizzare and yet twisted incident has left the village speechless after he has uttered his first words in the quiet village of Samburu.

Utalli Lepeto. Picture courtesy of Nation.

Twenty year old Utalli Lepeto can now utter some words as he fully gets back his speech with time. For now, his parents and family are just happy that he can communicate and he looks forward to continuing his education.

Picture courtesy.

The quiet Lorubae village in Samburu hasn't known a miracle and many are now describing this as one. They don't know how to explain the phenomenon and many are just quick to say that it is all God's work.

Utalii's sister Jamila, has appealed to well wishers to assist her brother gain full recovery by being taken to school. She said that her brother had big dreams that he hopes to pursue and now that he's okay, he should go for the stars.

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Jamila Lorubae Nation Samburu Utalli Lepeto


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