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Zora: "Maajabu" For Once Lorreta Takes Food To Zalena

In today's episodes Zalena will in her room going through her phone then she hears some knock from her door and she finds it's Lorreta.

Lorreta will give her some food since she has not eaten for some hours. Lorreta begs Zalena for forgiveness and also thanks her for letting her stay in their house and also educating her till university at the abroad. Lorreta is so grateful for everything Zalena and the late Oliver did to her.

Zalena will tells that is what they support to do because Lorreta helped her to take care of her kids since they were babies and now they are grown up men. Zalena appreciate Lorreta so much for doing good job to her kids.

Zalena will tell her to wait for the Lawyer to read the will so they can move on. Lorreta will leave then Zalena will take the food Lorreta had brought for her and threw it.

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Lorreta Zalena


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