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Sultana: Jabali Junior Thanks Kaka But Receives Bad News About His Father

Upcoming episode Kaka is at the sea doing is normal work. Jabali Junior also came at the sea to do some exercise. JJ will see Kaka and thanks him because he met Sultana the exactly place he told him.

Kaka asks JJ if he came only to thank Sultana or he had other things? JJ assures him that nothing but he came to apologize to Sultana for behave of his father. Kaka tells JJ that his father has being in the village and it seems something bad may happen to Kokan.

JJ will be back at home and asks his father why he went to see Kokan and they had finished everything. Major tells him that he wanted to warn him by himself. Major asks JJ what he was doing in the village? JJ says that he went to see Sultana to say sorry. Major warns him because he should focus to his work and not poor people. JJ will not like that and will leave.

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