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Dear Girls, Don't Send Intimate Photos or Videos to Anyone, Despite the Relationship- Kamene Advices

Popular radio presenter, Kamene Goro has advised girls not to send intimate photos nor photos to anyone. Kamene notch of advice comes a moment when Georgina Njenga's leaked video went viral.

Kamene said in a morning Kiss 100 presentation, "I saw a story and it really stressed me. Protect yourself by ensuring you don't record anything. Don't take pictures and don't send them to anyone, whether you love them or trust them. Don't do it. People are so evil."

Here are six well analysed reasons why you should not share nudes with anyone.

1. It is not safe. Sharing intimate photos can put you at risk of being blackmailed, shamed, or publicly humiliated.

2. It can be illegal. Depending on the age of the person in the photo, sharing intimate photos of someone without their permission can be considered a crime.

3. It can be difficult to take back. Once a photo is shared, it is impossible to control who has access to it. It can easily be shared and spread without your permission or knowledge.

4. It can damage your reputation. People can form their own opinions about you based on the intimate photos you share, and these opinions can be hard to shake.

5. It can be damaging to your relationships. Sharing intimate photos with someone can create a false sense of intimacy or trust and can make it hard for you to develop real relationships with people.

6. It can be used against you. Even if the person you share intimate photos with has good intentions, the photos can still be used against you.

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