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Zora: "Surely Yola" She Supports Oliver To Kick Out Zalena

Zalena should start packing since Oliver is going to replace her and Yola is willing to support him.

Today's episodes Yola will be taking some tea,Oliver enters while is in a call. Yola put him a cup of tea. Oliver is discussing about his politic business.

Yola goes on and tells Oliver that people thinks she is bad person but she is not. Yola tells him that's is too bad for Kwame to raise her unborn child then after years he finds out is not his real child. Oliver will be keen listening.

Yola tells him that's is too bad for him to build his empire with Zalena and she never told him the truth about Madiba. Oliver will be happy because he has person who is on his side to kick out Zalena.Yola will hold his hands and call him dad in law then she leaves him on the table.

Zalena your days are numbered in the Chibale's house.

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