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'Change The World Kinda Vibe' Here Is What Azziad Was Told After Posting This Photo Online

Azziad Nasenya. [All Images | Courtesy]

Popular Kenyan Tik Tok Queen, Azziad Nasenya has sparked mixed reactions online after her recent social media post.

The media student has been making a buzz on the internet through her social media dance videos and making herself a name in the long run.

We have witnessed her tremendous growth over time and nowadays with over a million Instagram followers, she is entertaining her fans through her unique sense of fashion.

A few hours ago, Azziad took to her official social media account and posted a photo with a black jumpsuit and a pose that has had Kenyans talking.

''She had that spirited drive and a change the world kinda vibe.'' Azziad posted on her official Instagram account.

Browsing through Azziad social feeds, she has changed over time to what might be subjected to be appealing, again, according to personal beliefs.

''Normalize congratulating and complementing stop criticizing, complaining and competing, it don't add a dollar to you bank account, 😂it takes away your blessings.'' Azziad once posted.

Fans on social media had varied reactions to her photo online with some arguing that it is inappropriate while others defended her stating that she is just living her life.

Azziad Nasenya. [All Images | Courtesy]

Below are some of the assorted commentaries that fans posted in reactions to the post by Azziad.

Caro Linah, ''You are looking amazing Darling🔥😍 let now one tell you otherwise. It is a free world here ❤️.''

Azziad Nasenya. [All Images | Courtesy]

Janney, ''With money and success comes all the confidence 😍 si unajibamba.''

Josh, ''Is this how you are changing the world..?

Kenzih Cynthia, ''It is that jumpsuit for me,,, Black is bold and you just rocking it girl🙌🙌.''

Mwambe Jose, ''It is a kind of generation that we do not fully understand... bila posts kama hizi kwa internet wanaona hawajafanya kitu.. very confusing.''

Effie Robai, ''Now a fashionista 😍😍. Kweli hii pesa ni sabuni... where is the lie, ona tu venye unatesa.''

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