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Sultana: Kokan Attacks Sultana, Salama Cries And Shouts For Help

Tomorrow's episode Kokan will find Salama and asks her if Sultana is back because he has some gifts for her. Salama tells her she is inside but first to explain what's going on between him and Sultana. As Kokan wants to answer Sultana gets outside wearing the clothes Jabali Junior bought for her.

Kokan will get angry and tells Salama that they are bad people and can't appreciate. Kokan starts attacking Sultana as he recalls the day he saved her from fire. Salama will try to stop Kokan from hurting Sultana but she will not manage. Salama starts crying and shouting for help.

Babu Kalo and two other will come to save Sultana. Kokan tells them that Sultana belongs to him and will not allow any other man to take her. One of Babu Kalo's men will take Sultana from Kokan's hands.Babu Kalo tells Kokan to stay away from Sultana before he teaches him a lesson.

Sultana will cry painful and wishes if her late mother was around. Babu Kalo and Salama will try to console her and tells her that Kokan has gone crazy.

Later Sultana will asks her mother if their is any other secret she is hiding from her because she is tired. Salama will stop eating and starts crying.

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