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Jalang'o Finally Meets Mboya And Gives Him A Stern Warning

Finally, Jalang'o came into a face-to-face conversation with Mboya, a young man who had trashed him for his 18,000 shillings help. Jalang'o has advised Mboya to stop tarnishing his name in the hope of attracting fame, Jalang'o further asked Mboya a series of questions that left the young man dumbfounded.

Jalang'o has asked Mboya to stop lying, he has stated that he had decided to help Mboya out of mercy but then Mboya decided to pay him back by tarnishing his name, Mboya had even gone ahead to edit an M-Pesa message, telling people that he had refunded the money that had been sent to him by Jalang'o, and after insulting Jalang'o in various interviews, Mboya decides to look Jalang'o in the name of asking for forgiveness.

Jalang'o says that he had already forgiven him and that it is Mboyas' time to put into use the fame that he has gotten through his name. He advised Mboya to find a better way that will enable him to make it rather than taking screenshots and posting so as to get cheap fame.

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