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Meet The Woman Who Broke World Record For Sleeping With 919 Men In 12 Hours

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It seems like these days, you can find a record book for anything, no matter how stupid or embarrassing it may be. One of the most outlandish records we've come across recently is that of a woman who slept with the most men in one day.

The American adult actress Lisa Sparks, also known as Lisa Sparxxx, holds the dubious record of having slept with the most men in a 24-hour period at 919. The technically dubious achievement was completed in under 12 hours under her watch. At the individual convention Eroticon 2004 on October 16th, 2004 in Warsaw, Poland, Lisa Sparks created this as an additional interesting file.

The actress competed in the challenge against two other ladies at the third annual world gang bang championship. Lisa triumphed in the competition by having an interestingly high number of male genitalia penetrations: 919 in 12 hours.

In order to break the record, each man had 45 seconds with the actress. One of the other women she was up against had previously held the record for most sexual partners in a 24-hour period, having had 759 sex encounters in one day.

To win the tournament, Lisa Sparks slept with 21 better guys than the runner-up character. Before Sparks' dubious accomplishment, the record was held by a Polish adult actress named Marianna Rokita, who slept with 759 men in 24 hours. A previous adult actress, Klaudia Figura, held the record after sleeping with 646 men in 24 hours.

Yet, surprisingly, Lisa Sparks has been married since 1995 despite her long career in the film industry and her appearances in more than 188 films. Instead, many people believe that she got married due to her fame and fortune. Leave your feedback in the comments below, and make sure to follow us for more exciting and informative material.


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