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Sultana:Maria Returns And Finds Salama Massaging Mbuya

In today's episode, Salama will massage Mbuya's back. Mbuya has cried but Salama wants him to get better. Salama will also apply some herbal medicine to his wounds and he doesn't feel anything because he's paralyzed.

Salama will ask Mbuya about Maria because she doesn't seem to be from Mombasa. Mbuya informs him that Maria has no place to stay or any family members. Mbuya tells Salama that Maria is a kind girl and she saves his life.

Maria will return to Kaka's house where Mbuya stays. She will knock hard because she escaped from Fatima's bad men. Mbuya and Salama will be shocked who could be but Maria opens the door breathing heavily.

Salama will help Maria cool down and gives her some food. Maria informs them she was abducted and the men had guns. Maria tells Mbuya to be careful because the men are looking for him. Salama tells them she will help where she can afford and Mbuya will be grateful.

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