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"Our Lawyers are in talks'' Says Bien of Sauti Sol amid legal Battle against Raila's Coalition Party

Bien of Sauti Sol has indicated that the band will not relinquish their legal battle with Baba's party Azimio for copyright infringement.

Bien said in a phone interview with a radio station that musicians should be acknowledged for their hustle. He did, however, make it plain that he has no animosity against the political party.

"I'm working to make my company self-sustaining. People must understand that a politician cannot walk into a store and get bread and milk without paying for them "he remarked.

"We have no grudges towards anyone, and we congratulate Martha on her appointment. Baba is not a problem for me. I'm just trying to maintain a professional demeanor here. I will not allow anyone to profit from my music. The coalition leader wont pay my rent, water bill, or pay my employees at the end of the month "Bien remarked.

"Using our song in a political event equates to us becoming associated with the political party, which will cost us money. I could put on a show and Azimio refuse to come because we were disrespectful to Baba, or I could put on a show and UDAs claim our song was played at an Azimio meeting. We are the ones who are suffering "He elaborated.

Bien also mentioned that the band's endorsements come with a risk.

"Our Lawyers are in talks, I cant say anything but it can even be a billion shillings since there is a reputational damage. Using our song in a political event is like we are being affiliated with a political party and this will cost us." Bien commented on the possible damages Baba's party might pay the boy band.

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