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Shaniqwa Says He Discovered Baby Mama Was Cheating via WhatsApp Before Eloping with Another.

Shaniqwa claimed that he was heartbroken when his baby mom Mkale Msungu left him for another man because he couldn't afford to support her. Shaniqwa claimed that after she got a job, she changed entirely and began seeing another man, regretting his assistance. Mkale Msungu would exchange obscene audios with guys on WhatsApp while he was sleeping, according to the comic. "She banned me on WhatsApp status," he added, "and I learned that after a buddy of mine contacted me and informed me she had uploaded an improper photo on her status with a male." Comedian Shaniqwa recently revealed that he has no idea why his baby mama Naomi Jemutai, alias Mkale Msungu, deserted him.

Shaniqwa remarked in an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo that he and his son's mother have both gone on with their lives.

"I was upset since my wife left with our child," he added. Shaniqwa stated that he and his partner were unemployed at the time.

"Ilifika mahali nimekuwa kama mzingo kwake. Sikuwa na provide vile alikuwa anaexpect (It reached to the point where I was treated as if I were a piece of luggage by her. I couldn't meet her needs in the way she expected.)," he narrated.

Life got difficult for the comic, so he reached out to a friend to assist Mkale Msungu in finding work, but she changed entirely. "I believe that was my blunder. "All of a sudden, I found out she had a new guy," I said after receiving the job. He explained, "I saw a message on her phone from a person asking whether he could make ugali and eggs for her." Read more by clicking on this link:

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