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Zora: Confusion at Oliver's House as Zalena Faints and Dies After her Secret Leaked out

The episode begins with Zora asking Madiba to accompany her on an outing in the village. She takes Madiba to visit her father who lives on the outskirts of the town and Zora's father received them with joy and listened to their story keenly. He reprimanded Zora for distracting her friend's wedding and asked her to desist from such habits.

They talked at length about the issue affecting each one of them and the reason why they have decided to come together to form a family. Madiba and Zora's father takes a walk around the farm. They landed on one simple house and Zora's father entered in leaving Madiba outside.

After a while, he came and took Madiba by hand and led him inside of the house where a sick man was lying. He told him that the dying man was his father and not Oliver as he had always known. Madiba was devastated and he went straight home to look for his mother to explain more about his hidden identity. He found Zalena making her bed and he informed her that his dad was dead.

However, Zalena did not know what Madiba was talking about until he clarified to her that it was not Oliver but his biological father who was dead. Zalena fainted and dies and the family turned against Madiba and asked him to leave the home because he is not a true Chibale. Kwame demanded to know the truth before Madiba left.

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