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Reasons why Sailor's gang future is shaken and may sum up to break up.

The prominent multi talented gengetone group has had a blow recently. The Sailors gang consisting of the five talented young boys including Peter Miracle Babby, Lexxy Yung, Shalkido, Masilver and Qoqos Juma have had wrangles concerning the management of their social media account. This has been facilitated by their manager Mwalimu Rachel.

There has been a great disagreement between the artists and their manager as regarding the management of their YouTube channel. The manager had denied them access to it. The channel has over 126,000 subscribers and this has came about with management issues.

The radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel demands for 1.5 million in order for her to give back the account. The group has however seen that there's no need to pay her the money and so they had the idea of bringing up a new account. They said they will never give up as their hardwork has reaped and will still continue reaping. This was accompaniedby a new song 'kulewakuchuchuma' which had gone viral. The song was used to launch the Channel and has do far gotten several subscribers.

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