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"Growing Up Wasn't Easy" Cartoon Comedian Opens Up About Her Struggles

Every success story has a backstory to it. Always. Celebrities, like you and me, have success stories. Just because they have the life we all desire does not mean they have always had it. True, some celebrities were born into wealth, but many others had to start from the ground up.

Cartoon Churchill brought out on some of the life hardships she had to go through as she grew up in an interview with comedian. Her life in Kayole, where she was born and reared, was not always simple. She recounted how, because her parents couldn' t afford transportation, she had to walk many kilometers to school.

Out of the three children, Cartoon Comedian is the youngest. Cartoon claims she has two strict brothers who have caused her to miss out on dates. Boys avoided approaching her because they were afraid of her brothers.

She was able to land a number of lucrative collaborations because to her short videos on social media as a Cartoon Comedian. She was featured on a billboard as a result of her renowned " inaniaffect" video, which she claims made her mother very happy.

Cartoon, like every other star, has to deal with haters from time to time. She' s received her fair share of cruel remarks on social media, but she always finds a way to respond.

Many celebs try to avoid comment sections, but Cartoon says she reads through hers every now and then to attempt to understand why certain people are so cruel. She is fortunate in that she has thick skin and does not allow them to affect her.

Cartoon Comedian is undeniably a celebrity. Her videos are always the same. Consistency is difficult to achieve, but she has managed to release a video almost every day, and we applaud her efforts. In Kenya, we don' t have many female comedians, only a few, and Cartoon is destined to take the throne.

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