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The Real Truth Is Out, The Show Coming Soon After Maria In Citizen TV

The Loyal royal media services never disappoints at any time. These team of this station has been working hard tooth and nail to see that they have maintained their customers and for real they are making it. Now, we have been having several drama shows that have accompanied our growth, to youthfulness and even until we got to maturity. This are the likes of Tahidi high show, Inspekta Mwala, Machachari and the famous Maria show. They said that all that has a beginning must obviously have an end. The show Maria has been there with us for about a year and some couple of months. This show is soon coming to its peak. There have been a lot of rumors about the show that was to take over and seems like others were true while others were misleading. The tv host Lulu Hassan and Rashid have decided to leak some truth on what is coming soon just to keep us busy.

The next series organized by the two will feature Sarah Hassan and J Matubia. The trailer is already out. It is not easy to tell what it will all be about but what we should know is that, it will have many drama happening in it just like Maria was. The show will be called Zora. This are the photos of people you will be seeing in this show. We actually have not seen their stage name but we hope you will enjoy seeing them.

Checkout this link and you will see the short video of what Zora will entail.

Content created and supplied by: MissieJoanne (via Opera News )

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