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Move On Achana Na Diamond! Zari's Statement That Hints She Wants Diamond Back

Diamond with Zari. [Photo | Courtesy]

Popular Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has left her fans wondering if she wants her ex-boyfriend Diamond back.

Zari Hassan posted a series of messages on her social media page that appeared to be referring to an unidentified person.

The statement also seemed to be reflecting on her life.

In the two separate statements, Zari talked about wanting someone who was not interested in her.

Diamond with Zari. [Photo | Courtesy]

She stated that people should not let the things they want to make them forget what they want.

This indicated that probably she was too involved in chasing after something that she could not have to the extent that she forgot herself.

"Remember to never let the things you want make you forget the things you have. Always stay grateful 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Happy Holidays from me," Zari stated.

In her second statement, Zari was now more specific and narrowed it down to a person unlike in her first statement where she generalized it as 'things'.

Diamond with Zari. [Photo | Courtesy]

She claimed that she cannot settle with anyone just because she cannot have the person that she wants.

This raised questions on whether she had failed to move on just because she wanted her ex-boyfriend Diamond.

 She further revealed that she is single.

"Don't settle for anybody so you can have a somebody. Read that again!!!! Be happy in your singleness," she added.

Diamond with Zari. [Photo | Courtesy]

Her followers expressed mixed reactions to the statement.

One fan, in particular, advised her to move on instead of pursuing Diamond who was not interested in her.

"Mama tifa move on achana na diamond😂😂 utakufa single," Moseti commented.

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