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Spectacular! Meet the Tallest Man In Kenya (Photos)

People with extraordinary features and talents are always featured in record books, something they are most definitely proud of since they hold something in history. Well, the tallest man in Kenya who has been featured multiple times in a lot of media places is one proud man who loves his height. 

Jackson Kipkirui Koskei who hails from Bomet County has been holding the record for being the tallest man in Kenya. Commonly referred to as Kangaga he has a height of 7.3 feet, not far away from the world's tallest man, Sultan Kosen who is 8.3 feet. 

He surprisingly saw nothing wrong with his height as it was normal to him until two years ago. He is now fifty years old and a father to four adorable children. People were always amazed by his height but he saw nothing extraordinary about it. Most people still look at him, some laugh and others just wowed by it. 

Koskei took his wife to Tenwek Hospital for medication where the doctors couldn't get past his height. They told him this was something special and measured his height later on calling record keepers. Since then he became the tallest man in Kenya, receiving numerous interviews. 

Kangaga was appointed by NACADA in the campaign against drugs and alcohol in the region and is happy he's doing the work. He is an ambassador for it in Bomet County and hopes to do more. 

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