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After The Break-up, Stivo Simple Boy's ex-girlfriend Stuns Netizens With A New Look


After a broken relationship with an ex-partner, most netizens use the phrase 'Kuoga na kurudi soko.' You've probably seen a few memes about it, and how simple it is for netizens to return to the streets in quest of replacements.

After being dumped by musician Stivo Simple Boy, Pritty Vishy decided to return to the streets. Stivo's ex-girlfriend disclosed more facts about their rocky relationship before calling it quits, producing even more controversy.

Pritty Vishy: 5 hottest photos of Stivo Simple Boy's ex-girlfriend : K24 TV

Vishy then claimed that she had been cheating on Simple Boy with three other men before the break-up. Fans' tongues wagging in disbelief after hearing the news.

Stivo Simple boy dumps his girlfriend pritty for a Mombasa artist Adasa

"With a Mubaba (an elderly guy) and three Wababas, I've only ever cheated on him once." Stevo had no notion the Wababas used to lavish me with cash. "I'm not sorry about it, and there's no room for regret," she stated. After they split up, Pritty continued to complain that she was being targeted by older guys on social media. "I have some older Wababas in my DM." I am, however, unable to return because I have changed. "My email inbox is crowded."

Pritty Vishy: 5 hottest photos of Stivo Simple Boy's ex-girlfriend : K24 TV

Pritty's new appearance have left online users dumbfounded. She's getting all dolled up for the event. She's also not ready to let you down. Or is she?

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