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Understanding Preeclampsia, a Condition Size 8 Had Once Opened Up About Battling

Gospel artist Size 8 and her husband Sammy Muraya alias DJ Mo have suffered a great loss after loosing their unborn child. DJ Mo disclosed that his wife has been battling a certain condition for 5 months which rose her temperatures to 213 calling for an emergency operation. The wife successfully underwent the surgery but unfortunately the unborn baby didn't make it.

The singer once opened up on battling preeclampsia, explaining how she was forced to walk around with a blood pressure test kit.

Understanding Preeclampsia

This is a condition which which alters the blood pressure of a woman leading to abrupt high blood pressure and protein in her urine or other complications after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Although the condition is rare (affects about 1 out of 25 pregnancies), it may cause adverse effects such as seizures and heart attack which may risk the life of both the woman and the unborn thus calling for immediate medical attention (eclampsia).

Symptoms of preeclampsia

The condition is characterized by long-term headache, eyesight complications, uncontrollable vomiting, difficulty in breathing, and swelling in the face or hands. However some women do not reflect any sings and therefore pregnant women are urged to undergo regular tests.

Who are the risk of developing the condition?

Nobody is immune to the condition and thus anybody can get it. However, you will have higher chances of developing the condition if it's your first pregnancy, you have a history of the condition, you are pregnant with more than one baby, you became pregnant through vitro fertilization, or you are above 40 years among others.

A few people may also develop the condition shortly after delivery.

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