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Sultana:"Murderer" Dida Slapped By Fatima For Insulting Her

On Monday's episode, Bi Ua will be awake but is crazy. She calls Dida her daughter but Fatima holds Dida. Bi Ua will pick a doll and calls it her daughter. Dida will be shocked by Bi Ua maybe she is not fine. Dida will walk out because she can't bear watching Bi Ua in that condition.

Dida will get back to her room and starts packing her bags. Fatima finds her and asks her what her problem is. Dida tells her that enough is enough and she wants to leave. Fatima warns her because Kaka may land in trouble. Dida warns Fatima not to touch Kaka and promises to deal with her if anything happens to him. Dida swears to Fatima that by any chance she hurts Kaka she will pay the price.

Fatima warns Dida not to leave because she will give Sultana a chance to have JJ. Dida tells her is tired and to remain with Major because they are murderers. Fatima will not allow Dida to insult her, she will slap her but Dida has decided to leave.

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