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Remember Harun Wa Njeri? Reactions As He Shares His Story Of India And How It Happened With Jalas

Jalas is like a Saviour to many. Through his continued support, we have seen several people get help and even rise again. Some of the people he has helped are ,' Nitakufinya Duo' , Omosh, Dream Chaser alias Mtumba Man and Harun among others.

The story of 23 year old Harun Gatari Njeri was first aired by TUKO News. He has huge growths on his hand making it hard for him to do anything by himself.

The health condition started while he was 7 years old as a small pimple. After undergoing 15 surgeries in Kenya, the problem worsened to a point where his hands couldn't move anymore. He disclosed that, his hands could get back to normal after a surgery in India which required 5 Million.

When Jalang'o heard of his story, he set to meet at 1 P.M at ' Bonga na Jalas' to air his story and plead with Kenyans to help him get medication on an initiative called, ' Let's Take Harun to India. '

A paybill number was created where fans, Followers, Jalang'os friends, politicians, musicians and celebrities channeled their contribution. Within an hour, over 1 Million had been contributed.

Gatari was able to go to India for medication and now he is back to express his gratitude to Jalas and the whole team who funded him. He is all smiles and happy that he can now hold and do things as it is supposed.

Jalang'o TV fans and followers have also chipped in to thank Jalas for being kind to peope who are in need. Others thanked Jalas for getting Gatari to give his feedback about his treatment and stay in India.

God bless Jalas and Kenyans who contributed. Remember the hand that giveth, receiveth more.

Content created and supplied by: JoyceMwendeN (via Opera News )

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