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Sultana:Village Elders Decides To Find A Wife For Kaka.

In today's episode, village elders arranged a meeting purposely to talk to Kaka. Mwanzele, Maneno, Babu Kalo, and other elders are in the meeting. Kaka is still there but is not aware of the main agenda of the meeting. The group will share some alcohol and sweet stories.

After some time Babu Kalo will address the elders. He will be thankful to them for coming. Babu Kalo tells them they arranged the meeting to talk to Kaka since he has grown up. Babu tells Kaka that they are aware that he loves Dida which is not good because she is JJ's fiance and to make matters worse She is Fatima's daughter. Kaka gets angry with the elders and tells them he didn't expect them to talk about his love's issues. Mwanzele warns him to keep quiet because is tired of him.

Babu tells Kaka they can't allow him to marry Dida for the sake of their security and peace. Babu goes on and tells him that they will find a beautiful girl for him to marry. Kaka tells them that was in the past and can't allow anyone to find him for a woman because he can do that by himself. Babu tells him he must obey them and will marry a girl they want.

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