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Zora: Madiba In Danger Again

In today's episodes Madiba Will be in danger with his father. This was brought when Madiba returned Ogolla to his job after Oliver had fired him.

The episodes start with Oliver coming home then finds Ogolla at the gate. Oliver ask Ogolla what he is doing there yet he fired him. Ogolla explains to him that he was ready to leave but the young boss , Madiba told him not to.

Oliver enters to the house shouting Madibas name. Yola and Kwame are surprised what's happening to their father. Madiba comes to see his father. Oliver is angry and tells Madiba that he thinks his now a gentleman after he fired Ogolla he had the nerves to return him to work again.

Madiba will only keep silent then Lorreta and Zalena joins them. Lorreta wants to talk but Oliver will almost want to slap her. Madibas kid ran to hug his father.

Later Zalena tells Oliver to stop shouting at Madibas while the kids are there. Zalena tells Oliver that Ogolla is not going anywhere. Oliver then leaves them to his room.

Madiba takes his car then leaves the house. His daughters are worried where their dad has gone. They wish they could follow him because he so angry. Later they returns to the house.

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