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"Why I Built My Parents a Big Mansion." Gospel Artist tells

In life it's good to take care of your parents. Taking care means doing something good to them, visiting them, calling them, changing their life style and thanking them for bringing you to this world.

The bible says that children honour father and mother so that your days will be long here on earth. You can find it in Exodus 20:12.

After he moved to Kenya from DRC his country, he decided to change the life style of his parents through his hard work. Although life here was not easy he decided to trust in God.

Luckily the late Angela Chibalonza accomodated him in her house for three years.

After three years he was able to stand on his feet where people started loving his music. People promoted his music in a big way.

"I worked hard to make ends meet where i earned my first 2 million when i was 25 years old. I decided to save the money so that i could build a big mansion for my parents back in DRC. My dream came true. Although i still rent my house i decided to give my parents the first priority." Solomon Mkubwa adds.

" I love my parents so much. They educated me, took care, supported me in every way and shown me the right way in this life. No matter what little you have show gratitude to your parents and also respect them." He adds.

"Help your parents so that your children will also help you one day. Whatever you sow you will reap. Be a role model to your children. Remember also your parents carry your blessings." He says.

"Wazazi wako ndio Mungu wako wa pili kwahivyo wa heshimu."

Your parents can also curse you. Be careful whatever you say or do to them.

" Even if you are in bad terms with your parents, go and apologize to them. Be humble and pray for forgiveness. Buy a gift for them and visit them." He concludes.

Lessons learnt

Be obedient to your parents.

Take care of your parents in their old age because you will also grow old one day and need support.

Treat your parents with respect and humbleness.

Let your parents to bless you. Their blessings will change your life completely.

Train yourself to save money to do any project you need.

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