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Sultana:Bi Ua Forces Major Sing For A Doll Until It Falls Asleep

On Monday's episode, Bi Ua will find Major and Fatima in the sitting room. Bi Ua tells Major to hold their baby referring to a doll. Major will be surprised but Bi Ua tells him that he wanted a boy child to be his heir but have to accept the baby girl. Bi Ua orders Major to hold the baby until it falls asleep.

Bi Ua will go out for a cool breeze. She wants to throw herself in the swimming pool but Asia sees her. Asia will run and informs Major. Major and Fatima will get out and Major pleads Bi Ua not throw herself.

Bi Ua will be hurt because she left Major to take off their doll baby but can't see him with it. Bi runs to take the doll baby. She claims to Major that he doesn't care about their baby. Major tells her that is not a baby but a doll. Fatima supports him and tells Ua that she is crazy and is holding a doll and not a baby.

Bi Ua tells Fatima to shut her mouth. Major stops her and tells her to bring the doll baby. Major pleads with Bi Ua not to shout for people again. Bi Ua tells him to do so he must sing for the doll baby to fall asleep. Major will not have options he will sing for the doll baby.

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