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Husband and wife relationship

Dancer Martina and her husband Tileh Pacbro expecting their first child

This beautiful couple famously known for their dances in dance98 announced with a picture of her ultra sound that they are expectant. A lot of mixed reaction from the audience most are merry and obviously receiving hate from some haters too.

This couple has received a lot of hate from day one and this did not stop their progress to where they are now.

Tileh shares a screenshot of how their relationship started with Martina commenting on his dance moves and asking for classes on his Instagram DM and how they have progressed now which is impressive.

This clearly shows that it's not always the duty of a man to shoot his shot first. She took the first move to slide into his DM and now they are married expecting their first child.

This news has caught many as a surprise in Nairobi. Love is a beautiful thing and so is Parenthood. I wish them all the best .

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