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Pregnancy period

Sultana:Dida Ready To Leave Major's House As JJ insists Her To Go Hospital Have Her Uterus Cleaned

In Monday's episode, Asia will bring Dida some soup and tells her to take it because it gets cold. Asia asks her if she needs anything else but Dida says she is okay. Fatima finds her and asks Dida what she is doing and should be inside sleeping like a woman who had a miscarriage. Dida tells her to stop that because she is okay and she never had any pregnancy. Fatima tells her that is high time for her to ask JJ for money to clean her uterus. Dida tells her that she is not like her and leaves.

Dida will go into the sitting room and Fatima follows. Fatima tells her not to ruin their plans because they are almost winning. Dida will get mad and goes to her room.

Dida will start packing and JJ finds her. Dida tells him that she is tired because her mother keeps controlling her. JJ tells her to stay because she can't leave in that situation. Dida tells him she must go and find her father. JJ promises to follow Mbuya.

JJ will then asks Dida if she went to the hospital but Dida tells him that she will go. JJ tells her she will give her some money to go and clean her uterus. Dida will be happy because she is sure she never had a miscarriage and she will use the money for her benefit.

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