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How Movies are Used to Promote Devil Worshiping

Nowadays, movies have been released scripts that contain satanic content. Some of them may be horror movies or even movies in which priests and nuns are used to portray a satanic nature. Through this, the movie script mocks religion and glorify spirits of darkness.

At times, movies portray a justification of death by murder. At times, it is done by the starring character ad therefore the viewers are unable to see the immoral part of it. Remember that as the Bible states, one of the roles of the devil is to kill, steal and destroy and therefore when one can be convinced that murder is not bad through a movie, then the movie is satanic.

A recent incident in Kenya, a boy had killed the whole of his nuclear family and testified that he learnt how to kill by watching the movie ' Killing Eve'.

Movies have also nowadays promoted homosexuality, something that is not a biblical command. Some movies on the other hand portray the signs of illuminati, meaning that they are advertising cultism.

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