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Top 10 Movies By The Most Electrifying Man In Hollywood, The Rock.

"Do you smell, what the Rock is cooking" He's always cooking something isn't he? Today we will be counting down our picks for the Rock Movies. For this list, we are going to be looking at the greatest film staring the most electrifying man in Hollywood, Dwayne Johnson aka the Rock.

10. Jungle Cruise (2021)

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In 2021, The Rock decided to render us his special fans with one blessing, and that blessing was none other than Jungle Cruise. Pirates of the Caribbean, The Mummy, and the African Queen are all nothing compared to the fun blockbuster, Jungle Cruise. The warm and enthusiastic rapport shared between DJ and Emily Blunt allows both superstars to shine as the movie leads.

9. Rampage (2018)

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In a movie that it's all about giant animals throwing punches at one another, The Rock is the glue that holds everything together. Rampage is an outrageous blockbuster movie with massive destructions caused by bizarre experiments in space perpetrated by scientists. The rock convinces in the action scenes and delivers a decent amount of laughs through his generally pleasant demeanor elevating rampage into a World Class movie.

8. Gridiron Gang (2016)

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The Rock is well known for action movies however once in a while he isn't afraid of getting serious. In this particular movie, based on a true, a group of kids serving time in a confinement center are counseled and coached by Sean Potter portrayed by Dwayne Johnson. This movie based on a real-life story brings about a side of The Rock that we've never seen before in both wondering and uplifting scenes.

7. Central Intelligence (2016)

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A mashup of the buddy cop and odd couple formula, C.I. knows that want to see Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart bounce off each other and that's what if offers. Johnson portrays a CIA agent who needs Kevin's help to track down an auction and the enemies to friends routine exceptionally well.

6. Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)

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The Rock is pushed out of his comfort zone in both Jumanji films which are fun blockbusters. The movies also allow The Rock to do The Rock type things. The Rock pretending to be a grandfather who is pretending to be an Indiana Jones type adventurer is exactly as funny as it sounds. The Rock can do over-the-top action scenes in his sleep but The Rock never sidewalks through any of his roles.

5. Fighting with my Family (2019)

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Fighting with my family is based on the real-life of Paige who joined WWE in the early 2010s. The Rock plays a critical role in the story with the handful of scenes he gets. In one of the funniest scenes in the movie wrestling fans should have a blast as they watch The Rock revisiting his old catchphrases.

4. The Rundown (2003)

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Despite not being a commercial success, The Rundown is one of the most significant The Rock Movies. The Rundown stood out in a decade where The Rock was having a bumpy ride at Hollywood. The movie showcased the wrestler's potential to one day become an a-list action superstar. John portrays Beck as a bounty hunter sent to Brazil to retrieve Travis a wannabe adventurer portrayed by Sean William Scott. The two make for a hilarious and endearing pair.

3. Pain and Gain

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The Rock steals the show in an insane roller-coaster ride with all-around stellar performances. Pain and gain is a black comedy packed with vicious and uncomfortable moments. The movie gives a cold shoulder to anything resembling common decency and subtlety. Demonstrating a wider range than usual, Paul Doyle depicted by DJ, transitions convincingly from soft-spoken, conflicted to comes out and unhinged. Pain and gain are distressing, ugly, infuriating, disgusting, and remarkably captivating.

2. Fast Five (2011)

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The fast five franchise can be divided into two eras; pre and post Dwayne Johnson. Renovated from the street racing series, Fast 5 became a globetrotting action series that constantly tries to outdo itself. The Rock, Luke Hobbs happens to stand out in a series packed with larger than life personalities and not in term of muscles. Hobbs is the perfect match for Vin Disel's, Dominic Torpedoo, serving as an antagonist who is easy to root for. The Rock was such a hit in the role, Hobbs got a spin-off alongside Jason Statham's, Luke Skaw.

Before I unveil my number one pick here are my honorable mentions...

Faster, Red Notice, San Andreas

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1. Moana

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At times it becomes extremely difficult to separate the actor from the character due to the Rock's electrifying presence. Disney's Moana has no such problem. With his sweet vocal cords, DJ is capable of depicting the demigod Mawi. Mawi's 'You're Welcome' song was the highlight of the movie as all of Moana's animation animations, stories, and songs are all outstanding. The Rock is the big reason why Moana is one best of Disney's best recent animated movies.

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