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Truth behind November borns

There are many wonderful facts about the month of November.The month comes with the lowest risk of recurring episodes of depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

Individuals born in November are likely to live until their 100th birthdays. November is one of the top three producing months,one third of all CEOs are born in the month and they hire the ones born in the remaining months.

November borns share the birth month with famous faces like the unstoppable Scarlett Johansson who was born in Manhattan on November 22nd 1984.She started singing at the age of seven years and she is the highest grossing actress of all time.She is mystically beautiful and everyone admires her.

The legendary Leonardo who was born in Los Angeles has devoted time and money to AIDs research and poverty aid.He serves on the board of directors for the World Wildlife Fund.He is a constant supporter of the organization on his social media.

Ryan Thomas Gosling was born in London,Ontario in November 12th 1980.He is a Canadian actor, musician and he is heavily involved in many types of philanthropic.

November babies have two birth stones: the golden yellow citrines known as the gem of optism and the color ranging crystal topas (often seen in blue shade).They are both said to have healing and calming energies.

Males born in November are likely to be left-handed due to high levels of testerone. This delays the development of a foetus left brain hemisphere, which dictates rights handedness causing them to favor the opposite one.

Those born from the beginning of the month through November 21st are classified as the Passionate Scorpio.Everyone else born from November 22nd to 30th are Sagittarius, and they are generous souls with a sense of humor. Both zodiac signs share a strength in character.

These people are normally honest,adventurous, optimistic, independent,philosophical,cute and lovable.

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