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Kenyan Celebrities who had nasty break ups.

In an ideal world,we would date the love of our life,get married and leave happy ever after but the reality is that doesn't happen always or at least most of the time.No one wants to think of the day your relationship will come to an end with someone you loved but when it does people respond to the hurt and dissapointment differently.These are celebrities who had terrible public breakups.

1.Sean Andrew and Elodie zone.

Sean Andrew Kibaki , grandson to the third president of Kenya came into the limelight when he gave a send off speech at his grandmother's funeral.Ladies couldn't keep calm with his drop dead gorgeous looks .Sean intoduced to the public his popular you tuber girlfriend, Elodie Zone. The couple seemed cute together until the inevitable happened.Sean broke up with Elodie citing her as toxic and a drug user and he had enough of it.He even went futher to post a message on his Instagram , that was certainly meant for Elodie Zone.

2.Frankie and Maureen.

Frankie and Maureen were a power couple before they broke off their six years relationship.The pair had two children together and even had their own you tube show . When the two ended the relationship they both said the relationship had become toxic to both of them and Maureen has been in tongue spats with Frankie dubbing him as a dead beat father.

3.Avril and her ex fiancee Leslie Mugadza.

Avril was engaged to her south African hubby and only a person who has been in a similar situation can understand how it feels to almost walk down the aisle and have your dreams cut shortly.Before the two broke up , rumors had it that Avril's fiancee cheated on her with Dillish Mathew's,a namibian beauty.Avril later came out and rebuffed the cheating rumors as a lie,she stated that whatever led to the break up was the ethnic difference they had,she was a Kikuyu and he a Zulu.

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