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'Ntakufinya' DJ Mo publicly warns Willy Paul after attacking Size 8 on social media

A war of words has erupted online between popular musician Wilson Abubakar Radido, also known as Willy Paul, and renowned deejay Samuel Muraya, well known as Dj Mo.

Willy Paul questioned Dj Mo's wife, Linet Masiro Munyali, also known as Size 8, about why she blocked him on social media four years ago. Size 8 has also refused to pick up the phone, according to the Kamatah hitmaker.

Willy Paul went on to question the gospel singer's religious convictions, telling her that no one is always correct.

“All of a sudden, Size 8, you blocked me on Instagram. It's been four years. Is that how God's people behave? Isn't it true that ni gospel gani hii? Ata simu zangu haushiki ata simu zangu haushiki . Tulikua's brother and sister sprang to mind. Anyway, thank you very much, God's woman. Willy Paul posted on Instagram, "Remember, no one is perfect."

Willy Paul's remark clearly irritated Dj Mo, who instantly jumped in and responded, "Ntakufinya."

The singer then returned the clap to the DJ. “Sasa huyu mtu tunaulizana nini?” says the narrator. ukweli usemwe tu, kama mbaya mbaya. Mambo yangu na Size 8 wachana nayo mambo yangu na Size 8 wachana nayo mambo yangu na Wewe ambia ikupatie kazi ambia serekali! (Can you tell me what the problem is between me and this man? Let the truth be told regardless of the consequences. Keep your hands off my Size 8 problems. Willy Paul wrote, "Tell the government to give you a job.")

Willy Paul and DJ Mo's online conversation

Since the two appear to have a tense relationship, it's unclear what the source of dispute between Size 8 and Willy Paul is.

Despite the fact that the two have collaborated on songs in the past, this occurs.

They used to be able to make back-to-back gospel tunes, but that is no longer the case.

Given that Size 8 has remained a gospel musician, Willy Paul's transition to secular music may have caused the two to break ways musically.

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