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Amira Upset After An Intruder Invades Her House

Amira is definitely a sweet, friendly lady, but today she is upset after an intruder invades her privacy by going to her house without her approval.

Amira goes ahead to narrate her experience and goes on to post on her Instagram story and I quote

"Just because you have an idea of where I live, doesn't give you the right to invade my space. Today morning I had an incidence where a lady came to my house. My domestic manager calls me ety Kuna mgeni ako kwa nyumba apikiwe mini, am like I was not expecting anyone... Long story short she came to the gate and asked for my house and said she's my friend, even after my domestic manager told her am not home she went ahead and sat on my couch and said she will wait for me until am home... The audacity!!!!!!! But what kind of entitlement is this?????? Some of you should learn how to respect nyumba ya watu. Rubbbishhh "

On top of that the lady goes ahead to get Amira's phone number and texts her to apologise, but Amira ain't having any of it.

What do you think?

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