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Celebrities Who Lost Weight And Now Look Great. Their Transformation Will Motivate You

1. Adelle.

The British singer and songwriter has one of the most soulful and recognizable voices on the planet. Adelle has been blessing us with hit songs for quite some time. Adelle revealed that she lost nearly 100 pounds after deciding to make some lifestyle changes that included giving up processed food, sugar and getting into a daily exercise routine.

2. Rebel Wilson.

She is another British Celebrity that decided to turn her life around. The actress decided that she was not comfortable with her weight gain and made some changes to her diet and workout routine. She avoided junk and sugar altogether and hit the gym seven days a week.

3. Shonda Rhimes.

Shonda admitted that she decided to shed off about 150 pounds after she admittedly started having trouble walking up a few flight of stairs.

4. Rick Ross.

The Maybach music CEO also struggled with weight gain for the better part of his career. Rozay, as he is popularly known by his adoring fans decided to hit the gym and shed a few extra pounds and boy does he look great.

5. Gucci Mane.

Another rapper who's crazy transformation surprised his fans. Gucci's three year stint in prison acted as an eye opener for him. Gucci left prison in 2016 having lost an incredible amount of weight and also gained muscles.

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