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Woman who was caught on camera looking for a husband changes story and say it was just for comedy

Few days ago a post of a woman looking for a husband went viral all over the internet. The woman is called Lucy Chemutai alias cheptum.

This woman had a poster saying that there is scarcity of husbands and she is looking for a husband with no age limit, even if he is broke or ugly as long as it's a man.

Later that day another picture of her and a man went viral again saying that she has already found a husband. Lucy was forced to come out and explain this posts.

Lucy said that she is a comedian and to her it was just like any other day of her shooting her videos. Lucy said she is a comedian and her stage name is cheptum. She said she started comedy this year February and she records her videos and post on her social media platforms.

She said on that particular day when she was shooting alot of people were attracted to that poster and came around the area. Lucy said that she was using her comedy to speak for women who have are over thirty five years old and still have got no suitors. She encourages them that it's Okey to ask men out.

She says she is twenty four years old and she is in no hurry to get a husband. She said she is still a third year journalism student.

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