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Sultana: Fatma Tries To Poison Sada

Tomorrow's episode Fatma has welcomed all her guest to Dida's birthday party. She tells one of the worker to serve the men and leave the women to her because they are special guests.

Fatma enters in the kitchen and assures she is only one inside. She pulls out a poison and put in one of the cups and wants to give it to Sada. Fatma swears that Sada will open up all her dirty secrets and Major will find a reason to throw her out of his house. Bi Ua finds her and she will be shocked. Bi Ua tells her that she has no any problem with her and if JJ loves Dida it's okay. Bi Ua will go in the washroom.

Fatma will then bring the juices and gives to the guest and cheers. Sada will doubt the juice and will not take it. One of the Fatma worker will break some glasses and Fatma starts shouting to her until Mbuya cools her down. At the moment Fatma left her juice on the table and Sada will exchange it.

Sada will get out and finds Mwanzele and Maneno taking some wine. She tells them to drink more because it's for free.

Later the birthday girl,Dida will come out and the guests will sing to her a birthday song. Fatma will appreciate them while watching Sada. Fatma thinks Sada has taken the juice and soon she will open up her secrets infront of the guest but lucky enough Sada has not taken the juice but Fatma.

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