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Nitabaki Single If Not 12M,King Kalala Insists On Her Dowry Price Or Else She Will Remain Single

Kalenjin queen, Chepkirui Patience, who is well known by her stage name as King Kalala has come out to maintain that her dowry price for anyone who wants her hand in marriage is still Ksh 12M or else she will remain single.Not long ago, King Kalala broke the internet world when she revealed that her suitors will have to dig deep into their pockets to satisfy her parents if they want to win her heart as she is still single.Kenyans flocked to their social media accounts to comment on this issue with some quick to point out that King Kalala is setting a bar too high for anyone to reach and she might remain single forever.In that regard, King Kalala who is also a radio station presenter has used his session in Emoo FM to answer her critics and she said that she is not going to stoop low until someone gives what she is asking for her parents, 12 million.In other words, Patience Chepkirui Tonui said that she will remain single if she does not find someone who can generate twelve million Kenyan shillings to win her special heart.What is your thought on Patience Chepkirui's, King Kalala, latest sentiments about her dowry which is set at an insane price?

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