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Kibaki's Grandson Reveals Why He Chooses To Speak English Over Sheng

There is a new and different type of sheng in the streets of Nairobi. The new language was brought to life by a group from Kayole. Many people are now using the language to spread their message across. It is a very difficult language to master buy the inventors does it effortlessly.

Shebeteng it's called. The difference between it and sheng is that, sheng is mostly short forms of swahili words while the shebeteng is a longer and difficult to pronounce word. A good example of the shebeteng is 'nakulombotov' instead of i love you.

Sean Andrew has reacted to the new language and he is not impressed. The complexity of mastering sheng is apparently the reason why Kibaki's grandson prefers to speak English. Thee Pluto is however having a good time trying out the new sheng in town. How is it sounding to you? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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