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Zora: Madiba Goes Back to Oliver at Night, Leaves the Kids to Sleep There but the Worst Happened

The episode began when Madiba and the kids are still wandering along the road after Zora ordered them out of her house. After walking for a long distance without a thought of where to land, Madiba finally decided to go back to Oliver's house to enable the kids to have a safe place for the night.

Fortunately, he knocked at the gate when Neema and Ogola were chatting and Ogola was taking his supper. He pleaded with him to allow the kids to enter while he sorts himself in one of the dilapidated buildings outside Oliver's compound. He got a place to lay his head although it was very cold.

However, the kids are and slept courtesy of Neema who allowed them to sleep on her bed. The following morning, Oliver's noticed that Neema was parking a meal for a visitor, probably Madiba. He followed her to the place and found the kids preparing to leave. He harassed the kids and chased them outside of his compound without their belongings. The children screamed but Oliver was determined to see them suffer a great deal.

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