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Milly Wa Jesus Reveals Why She Has Always Been Afraid To Get Braces On

Youtuber Milly Wa Jesus has always been trolled due to her teeth which most of her hater say are badly aligned. Many people have always wondered why despite having much money, she has never paid to get her teeth aligned using braces. Dental braces are appliances which are used to align or straighten the teeth and guide them to the corrected position.

Yesterday, Milly confessed that she has been afraid to get braces on because she always fears that the process might be painful. 

However, after social media influencer Wabosha Maxine narrated how she got her braces on, Milly gained confidence to go for the process. Wabosha revealed that the process was painless though she needed some painkillers to stop the mild discomfort. 

"I didn’t feel pain during installation but after there’s some discomfort that can be managed with painkillers" read part of Wabosha's post on Instagram as she narrated her experience during the process.

However, with braces on, one cannot take hard foods.

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