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Sultana:Mwanzele Decides To Sell Maneno's Clothes To Pay Off Debts

In today's episode Zuu will find Mwanzele reading an old newspaper. Mwanzele tells her is going through breaking news but Zuu is not happy. Zuu asks Mwanzele if reading the newspaper will help them have food or pay her father's debts. Mwanzele blames Zuu because she told him to stop working at Major's house. Mwanzele informs Zuu that they are planning to deal with Major but should not tell anyone.

Mwanzele will go to Maneno's house and takes his clothes. Zuu finds him and asks him what is doing with Maneno's Clothes. Mwanzele tells her he wants to sell them to pay off his debts. Zuu will not believe and Salama will visit them.

Salama tells them is aware that they are planning to deal with Major. Mwanzele tells her they must do that. Salama heard Mwanzele planning to sell Maneno's Clothes due to debts but Salama is not aware and asks Zuu. Zuu tells Salama that she once saw the man who wants payments the day her father stopped working at Major's house and after that, she knew he was paid. Salama tells them even after selling all the clothes will not be able to pay Maneno's debts.

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