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Woman set co wife's house a blaze in Nyeri

People in Nyeri was shocked after a woman set house of her co wife ablaze. Susan Njeri burnt house of her co wife after a long period of conflicts. Susan burnt house of Winfred Wambui and properties of unknown value was reduced into ashes. The two are married to George Wanjohi. Susan is the first wife of Wanjohi and they are blessed with five kids while Winfred is the second wife and she has one kid.

Susan involved in conflict with her husband and her co wife after they sold a piece of land and rejected to share with her family. Susan claimed that her husband has abandoned her family and they are suffering a lot.

She claimed that her husband is wasting money living luxurious life yet he can't help his children. She claimed that her husband spends a lot of his wealth with his second wife who has one kid yet her five kids are starving.

Furious Susan claimed that her husband is not respecting. She said that her co wife has been sarcastic to her family and she can't take it anymore. She claimed that she has a child who joined form one last year and her husband rejected to contribute anything for his child. She also claimed that they are starving while her husband is wasting money. The area chief talking to local radio station confirmed the incident and advised men to be responsible to their families. He advised them to share properties with their families equally. Properties of unknown value was consumed by the fire.

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