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Dr. Gakara's Mentor Wishes For His Hands, Gives The Reason Behind It

As the family of Dr. Gakara laid the two bodies to rest, many people still could not believe their demise. This is something that left most of them wishing they had the ability to inherit the nature of Dr. Gakara. This is because of his cool nature that made people love him.

During the burial, his mentor wished he was given the hands of Dr. Gakara because he walked with finesse. Njogu is said to be Dr. Gakara's mentor said that despite being a obstetrician gynecologists, he always chose Njugu to deliver his two children, Dylan and Karuana. During his speech, Njogu claimed that he first knew the two children while they were still in their mothers womb.

This happens as the family stays in extreme disbelief because what happened doesn't relate with the person alleged to have done it. Dr. Gakara's personally didn't show any signs of reaching such a mysterious decision.

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