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Sultana:Sultana Stressed Of Love As Zuu Regrets Mwanzele's Marriage

In today's episode, Sultana will be washing utensils at the compound. Zuu will join her but seems stressed. Zuu wishes that time could flashback to the days she was a young girl and could not get married to Mwanzele. Zuu recalls the day her late father warned her not to get married to Mwanzele but she never listened.

Zuu advises Sultana to get married to the man she loves. Zuu warns Sultana never to make any mistakes because she will regret the rest of her life.

Sultana will go to fetch water and starts thinking of JJ. Sultana loves JJ but they are not on good terms. She recalls the day Sada came to their house and Informed her that JJ may commit suicide because of her. Sultana will be pumping water and the jerrican will be full and will not realize. Sultana will recall Zuu's advice of marrying the man she loves and starts crying.

Zuu will find Sultana pumping water using a lot of energy. Zuu Stops and tells her not to do much work because her pregnancy it's too young and may miscarry.

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JJ. Sada Sultana Zuu


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