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'Tunataka DJ Afro '-Kenyans React As Netflix Releases Its 1st DJ Movie

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Over the years Kenyans have earned a strong reputation as one of the most creative individuals on earth with Kenyans often finding ways to make something enjoyable out of difficult or even boring situations. 

For years now, the Kenya movie industry has been bombarded with alot of creative DJs who commentate on the movies by using local language such as Sheng in a creative way. 

This has meant that locals can enjoy Hollywood and Bollywood movies by evading the issue of the Language barrier. One of the greatest names in the industry is the Famous DJ Afro Who has made a name for himself with how creatively he manipulates language to narrate to his viewers the contents of the movie. 

Netflix have finally decided to make this dream come true for many Kenyans who don't understand English by launching the DJ version of the movie Extraction. Video. However, the trailer has left many Kenyans disappointed after not hearing the voice of DJ Afro in the Trailer. Many have asked the Company to recruit Afro instead. Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans.

MMeanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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