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"I Was Born HIV Positive, Got Pregnant At 14 and I Slept With Men For Money in Order To Feed My Kids" Lady Narrates

Regina Ng'endo was born and raised in Lamu County. She was raised by a single mother who passed on when she was only 8 years old.

Madam Regina went to live with her grandparents. When she was in class two, she fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. After several tests, the doctors informed her grandparents that she was HIV positive. She was given some medicines that she took daily.

Madam Regina claimed that she asked her grandfather why she has to take a lot of medicines even when she is not in pain but he didn't answer her. When she was 13 years, she decided to ask the doctor why they give her several tablets every month. He sat her down and slowly explained to her that she was HIV positive and has to take the medicines daily. 

At the age of 14, she met a stranger on a bus and became friends. He went to see her the following day and had a good time with her at the roadside. Unfortunately, she got pregnant. Her baby daddy told her to travel to the coast and stay there since he was afraid of been arrested and charged in a court of law. After 9 months, she gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby girl.

The young mother claimed that she used to borrow food from a certain man who advised her to sell herself like some of the ladies do. She innocently joined some of the ladies who stood on a nearby street waiting for men.

She claimed that she would inform some men about her status but they would decline to use protection with her.

She later got pregnant with her secondborn and gave birth to a cute baby. She narrated how one of her babies got sick and a friend advised her to either rush him to the hospital or a church. She took him to the church while unconscious and after being prayed for, the young boy strongly walked home. 

That evening, she had a deep thought and decided to get saved and stop sleeping with men for money.

She started practicing how to sing and wrote several songs. 

She claimed that her both children are Hiv negative. 

We wish the young family well in their life and may the Lord bless them.

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