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Husband and wife relationship

Qualities of a good wife to be admired by her husband

A wife is both a mother and a companion to his hisband.Every husband wants his wife to be presentable and her behaviour admired and praised by people.

Below are some of those qualities:

1. A prayerful woman.The key to a successful marriage is putting God as the leader.A woman should be very close to God in order to support her family.

2. Neatness.A wife should maintain her natural beauty and sustain the beauty of her surrounding.We know that sometimes this can be hard but these need to be adheared to as a good wife.

3. Planning.A good wife needs wisdom In her marriage in order to handle money and other family issues.Being well planned amazes a lot of husbands.They always think that women are spendthrifts but if you as a wife are well planned,then your qualities are good to go.

4. Managing: a good wife is a natural manager it is true that what ever you give to women, it is in the blood of women to manage a home to the best possible way! Good wife's have always been building a Quality family.

5. In patience: a good wife should gave patience.She should not rush into things without thinking it over.This is where most wives fail.They are quick to take action instead of sitting down and analysing the situation.A good woman is a mother who has gone through many stages to develop good patience as a foundation.

6. watching after the children.As said before,a wife is also a mother.It is important for a good mother to be available for her children since the husband is busy with work.This does not mean the husband should not take care of the children,but the wife should do more

7.With respect.Any man who has a very respectful wife will last longer on earth because she will do him good not bad and she will save him from so many problems.This is the highest quality of all.

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