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'Huku Hawatambui Content Creators.' Mulamwa's ex girlfriend Says As She Flaunts Pics In The Village

Mulamwa is one of the top Content Creators and celebrity in Kenya. Mulamwa also works as a top comedian. Mulamwa is the one who introduced Carol Sonie as his girlfriend on social media platforms and he made her to be famous. Mulamwa and Carol Sonie even announced that they were having a baby together.

However months later after the birth of their daughter, a drama broke out between the two couples and Mulamwa started exposing Carol's dark secrets of how she almost aborted their baby and his quick response is the one which helped save Baby Keila. The two later separated ways and each have been leading their own separate paths.

Today Carol who is also a popular brand Influencer and content creator has flaunted her video in the village washing clothes and has said that at her home they do not consider her as a content creator. See Latest Posts of Carol's Instagram Stories page below.

Content created and supplied by: Rossielle (via Opera News )

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