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Road Accident

Zora: " Goodbye Zora" Madiba Promises To Give Up On Chasing Zora

Today Madiba will be in the hospital to look after his aunt Lorreta who was involved in an accident. Madiba is very sorry for his aunt because he thinks his love for Zora led her to have an accident. The Chibale's thinks Zora knock down Lorreta but they are wrong because Mama Zora did it for a revenge.

Madiba promises Lorreta that he will stay away from Zora and he will never chase after her again. Madiba regrets so much because if he did not chase after Zora then his aunt would be not in the hospital.

Lorreta will ask Madiba if he is sure about giving up on Zora and Madiba says yes and he has to say goodbye to Zora.Lorreta will tell Madiba that he should face Zora and tell her that he no longer loves her again and then to come and tell her everything. Madiba will promise Lorreta to do so then he will leave.

Will Madiba face Zora and tell her that he don't love her again?

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